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NRJ 12 (pronounced: [ɛn ɛʁ ʒi duz], sounding like énergie, "energy") is a French television network established in 2005. It is available through digital terrestrial television "TNT". Besides TNT, it is also available on cable, satellite, la xDSL television and online on the internet. NRJ 12 was not the first venture of NRJ group in television. NRJ Group had invested alongside Gilbert Gross, Gaumont and Publicis in the French musical channel TV6, in February 1986. The station had to stop broadcasting on 28 February 1987 after the French government headed by Jacques Chirac gave the licence to another station called M6.

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NRJ 12 est une chaîne de télévision généraliste française commerciale privée du groupe NRJ créée le 31 mars 2005 sur la TNT. La chaîne est disponible sur la TNT, le câble, le satellite, l'ADSL.

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NRJ 12 è un canale televisivo francese edito dal gruppo NRJ Group. Le trasmissioni di NRJ 12 sono iniziate il 31 marzo 2005. Dal 20 marzo 2008 viene lanciata, sul digitale terrestre nell'Île-de-France e sul satellite, anche NRJ Paris, dedicata alla capitale francese.

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