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W9 is a French television network which is available through digital terrestrial television TNT, satellite and ADSL. It is a subsidiary of the M6 Group; the name W9 has been selected for the channel because "W9" is the mirror image of "M6", and also because M6 was chosen as the ninth broadcaster to make a channel. The third M6 channel was named 6ter (pronounced "sister") as the M6's little sister

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W9 est une chaîne de télévision généraliste nationale française privée du Groupe M6 à vocation musicale et de divertissement. Elle existe depuis le 31 mars 2005 en même temps que la TNT française.

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W9 appartiene al gruppo M6 ed è visibile in Francia tramite il digitale terrestre, il satellite e la fibbra ottica. E' un canale generalmente di tendenza musicale
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